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"It’s no different than picking my own staff. You select quality people who are knowledgeable, hardworking and positive."

Nick NurseHead Coach, Toronto Raptors Basketball Club

We believe there are no better people to help your kids learn about sports than those who teach each and every day. We’ve worked with a select group of teachers and provided them with training from our team of professionals. All of our coaches have trained and graduated from our Playground Pros Athlete Centered program.

Your child will feel familiar and comfortable with all our coaches to ensure they get the most out of their experience. Our coaches have been identified by the local school district to help us deliver a daily program that is tailored to all age groups and skill levels.

Our coaches have gathered at our team’s training facilities on multiple occasions to become masters of all four sports offered at Playground Pros. They’re equipped with knowledge, lesson plans, tactics and strategies to deliver a unique sports experience to help your child learn and grow as an athlete.

"The fusion of certified teachers delivering our curriculum creates the perfect combination and environment for sport learning."

Greg VanneyHead Coach, Toronto Football Club



The Camp Director is your lead supervisor for the week. They are responsible for planning, implementing, and delivering a fun and engaging sports program along with our two Senior Coaches. The Camp Director is the on-site point of contact for all parents/guardians.

Senior Coaches

There are two Senior Coaches at each site responsible for supporting the Camp Director in the implementation and delivery of sports programming. Like each Camp Director, Senior Coaches are registered teachers within each partnering school board.

Varsity Coaches

Each Playground Pros camp secures one coach who is currently enrolled at university or college. The majority of Varsity Coaches are students who have grown up active in sports; playing many of the same sports being taught at each Playground Pros camp.

"We’ve worked with local schools to identify teachers that can deliver the program we want."

Wendel ClarkToronto Maple Leafs Legend and Community Ambassador