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Our Sports

Floorball, basketball,

soccer and flag football

We call them the four core activities; where kids will learn skills from all four of these sports during the camp week. On the surface, they may seem like they’re not connected. Yet, on closer examination, you’ll find that each of these invasion games (where one team invades the territory of the other team) provides kids with a chance to develop the essential building blocks that set them up for a lifetime enjoyment of any activity.

Bright-minded researchers in lab coats call it “physical literacy”. That’s just a fancy way of saying: running, jumping, stopping, starting, throwing, catching, twisting, turning, avoiding, chasing – all with vision, control and balance. When you create a positive environment where these skills can emerge fluidly, you’ve laid the foundation for any movement challenge that will come. We’re not promising that your child will get drafted in the first round – or any round for that matter. But they will be armed with the skillsets to get more enjoyment out of the game.

The curriculum for Playground Pros has been curated by a group of sports experts made up of professional athletes, coaches and a variety of leaders from sport. Our programming follows Canadian Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). At an early age, it’s critical that kids are exposed to positive experiences by using the Fundamentals training method. This methodology allows our programming to focus on providing fun, inclusive, multi-sport training that is age- and stage-appropriate for your young athlete. Ultimately, we want your athlete to succeed!

Each day, Playground Pros campers will participate in activities that highlights two of our four sports daily. On RED DAYS, campers will have the chance to hone their basketball and soccer skills. On BLUE DAYS, floorball and flag football will take centre stage. And we’ll end the week with a fun celebration day that integrates what everyone’s learned in all four sports.

Select one of our Sports below to learn more:


  • Shooting activities using proper athletic stances and hand placements
  • Receiving and delivering passes
  • Ball control activities
  • Fundamental sprinting and running movements
  • Modified game play

"Floorball is a great foundation for learning the game at a young age."

Auston MatthewsToronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club


  • Shooting exercises that review the multiple shooting positions and forms
  • Passing activities, such as the bounce, chest, and overhead pass
  • Dribbling games, including, dribble tag, and dribble knockout
  • Fundamental sprinting and catching movements
  • Modified game play

"As the only NBA team in Canada, it's important we offer instructional camps to help grow our sport and keep kids active."

Kyle LowryToronto Raptors Basketball Club


  • Shooting skills that model the “fun with the ball” stage
  • Passing games with a focus on proper technique and weight of the pass
  • Dribbling basics using laces and inside/outside of the foot
  • Fundamental sprinting, shuffling and backwards running movements
  • Modified game play

"I'm excited to be part of a team and league that invests back into the community."

Michael BradleyToronto Football Club

Flag Football

  • Throwing technique using modified footballs
  • Catching games that focus on hand and arm placement
  • Running activities that teach acceleration and change of direction
  • Fundamental coordination and body control
  • Modified game play

"We're proud to join the Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC to add a flag football component to Playground Pros."

Derel WalkerToronto Argonauts Football Club

Play to Learn

Movement, play and smiles are universal languages that all kids are already fluent in.

The Playground Pros curriculum is play-based, brain-building, ability-based, character-driven and just plain fun. We’ve designed a safe, age-appropriate environment where the games themselves will be the teachers of the game. And not just regular vanilla games. We’ve custom-designed small, addictive games that ensure all kids are challenged. They’ll get to experiment with their skills while experiencing new ones and foster friendships. All while taking chances with other kids as they compete together to level up.

At Playground Pros you’ll hear kids say, “What game are we going to play today?” rather than “Are we going to play a game today?”

Simply put, kids will play games in order to learn to play.

We’re committed to setting them up to fall in love with movement and physical activity for life – no matter what activity they choose.

"We create year-round workout programs for players to maintain fitness levels. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and reduces the risk of injuries."

Alex McKenchieDirector of Sport Science, Toronto Raptors Basketball Club